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iF Award Winner | DSB - 102

Luminosity DSLR Split Pack

Wins iF Product Design Award

Case Logic is proud to announce that the Luminosity DSLR Split Pack has won one of the most prestigious design awards in the world; the iF Product Design Award. The panel of judges, made up of international experts and renowned designers from all over the world, assess products not only for innovation but proven superior value. This year, the iF attracted 3,249 product entries from 55 countries.

The Luminosity Medium DSLR Split Pack was recognized by the iF for its unique and highly-functional opening. It is the only DSLR split pack on the market that allows access to DSLR equipment without having to first remove the tripod. This patent-pending feature provides quick and easy access to photographers while on-the-go so they never miss a shot. The open configuration also transforms the bag into a work-out-of station by creating a ledge to rest lenses and accessories mid-shoot.

The DSLR split pack offers fully customizable storage to fit a variety of camera gear. Adjustable foam dividers attach to walls and reconfigure to protect any combination of equipment including DSLR camera, up to 4 lenses or a flash and accessories. The pack was also designed with a focus on carrying comfort for long days with heavy photo gear. Thickly padded, air-mesh shoulder pads and backpanel provide breathability and ergonomic cushioned support.

Don’t take our word for it. The iF product design awards have served as an internationally recognized trademark for outstanding design for 60 years. The Luminosity DSLR Split Pack proudly bears the iF seal of outstanding quality design.

Meet the Designer

Nathan Zwetzig

Nathan Zwetzig is the Senior Product Designer for Case Logic. With professional roots in consulting and fitness equipment design, Nathan has a decade of experience designing sewn goods. He is responsible for developing a wide range of products including luggage, iPad cases, backpacks, messengers and other mobile computing products, however camera bags have been a key focus for Nathan. He is a true believer of the classic mantra, ‘form follows function’ and with camera bags necessitating such high function, Nathan and photo solutions are well matched. He and the other members of the product design team regularly travel to attend global photo expos in order to stay current with trends in the industry and the needs of those who are passionately involved in the medium of digital photography.

Nathan has a passion for teaching and has spent many evenings and weekends throughout his career working as a mentor and adjunct instructor to young design students at The Art Institute of Colorado, his alma mater, and Denver’s Metropolitan State University. Nathan loves the great outdoors and takes advantage of the nearby Rocky Mountains by climbing 14’ers, mountain biking, backpacking and wood-fire cooking in his free time.

Designing the Luminosity Medium DSLR Split Pack

The design process begins with identifying and understanding the needs of the user. In this case, the needs were defined in very simple terms: convenience, security, and visibility. From here, a frenzied series of quick sketches are put on paper to capture early ideas, which begin to visualize both form and function. From these initial illustrations, a few rise to the top and are pushed forward into the next stage of design refinement.

In any exercise regarding function, it’s critical to test the ideas early and often to ensure that they perform their function in the way they’re intended. Building rough models out of paperboard is a good way to test fit and function at an early stage.

Nathan says, “Paperboard models were extremely important to me during the early stages of design and development. This snapshot of a concept review meeting shows the first model of the Splitpack, which I used to demonstrate the tripod-split function. The goal was to solve all three needs of convenience, security and visibility with one, well-integrated function. Exposing the camera gear without prior removal of the tripod was paramount to achieving these goals. Equally important was the experience of conveniently working out of the bag and quickly closing it again in a fast, simple, convenient and secure manner.”

Refined concept illustrations help to determine the final appearance of the product and some careful measuring of camera gear makes certain that the design will fit the needs.

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