SLR Camera Sling

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The combination of design and quality materials of this SLR camera sling offer convenience and style for your everyday photo needs. Carry all your SLR equipment comfortably on your back—when you are ready to shoot, simply pull the sling forward to quickly access to your camera.

  • Designed to fit SLR camera with standard zoom lens attached or DSLR with grip (when stored vertically)
  • Side-entry compartment provides quick access to your camera and accessories while wearing the sling
  • Adjustable divider system provides customizable organization for additional lens, flash or other camera accessories
  • Unzip side pocket, slide your tripod inside, and secure it at the top with the adjustable buckle (serves as additional accessory storage when not using a tripod)
  • Internal zippered pocket on side flap stores extra memory cards, filter, or lens cloth
  • Weather hood fits snugly over the bag to protect from the elements (when not in use, roll into its stuff sack for storage)
  • Generous, front zippered pocket provides organization for additional camera or non-camera accessories
  • Upper compartment stores extra accessories
  • Strap management system keeps excess strap material rolled up, secured in place and out of your way
  • Padded shoulder strap with adjustable sternum strap keeps sling secure during activity
SLR Camera Sling
  • Color  Gray
  • Size  40 x 19 x 24.8 cm
  • Fits devices  22.9 x 14.7 x 21.3 cm
  • Weight  1.26 kg
  • Materials  Nylon
  • Warranty  25 years
  • Model name  DCB-318


A+ Product but need 2 way zipper at top


This is a great product. Very compact. It holds 2 cameras. My main camera with 50-300 Professional Zoom and my backup camera with 18-55 Zoom plus a 18-250 super lens. I used this to hike up and down the Grand Canyon. Very convience and compfortable. I can reach my camera by sling it to the front. Opened the comparment and take out my camera and I actually have a pocket to drop my sunglass, lens cap into into the comparment before I take pictures. The only complain is the zipper for the top comparment open the from the right to left. I need to open it all the way to get stuff. It should be open from the left to right after I sling it to the front. Or whatever it is now needs to be the other way around. Or it should be a 2 zippers system like all other pockets. But all and all I am very happy with this product. I am hoping Caselogic will make that change so that by the time I need a new one I can get the same one with the zipper goinf the right direction.



SLR Camera Sling

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