Case Logic 208 Capacity Nylon CD / DVD Binder

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Case Logic 208 Capacity Nylon CD / DVD Binder
Black |

Organize your ever-expanding music or movie collection in this durable binder.

  • Expandable CD binder holds 208 CDs or DVDs
  • Patented ProSleeves® provide ultra protection by keeping dirt away to prevent scratching of delicate CD surface
  • Removable pages allow for convenient organization
  • Durable nylon exterior keeps your belongings safe
  • Convenient carrying handle
Case Logic 208 Capacity Nylon CD / DVD Binder
  • Color  Black
  • Size  12.5 x 3.25 x 12.75 in
  • Weight  2.62 lb
  • Materials  Nylon
  • Warranty  25 years
  • Model number  3200387
  • Model name  BNB-208


I would avoid this product if you value your DVDs


We have a ton of movies as per usual so we thought this would help slim them down. The sleeves are way too tight. We could not even get a dvd into the sleeve without literally forcing it down in there. This would also scratch the dvd on the top and bottom as well... I see issues where people say it falls out because the sleeves are sideways... Wish I could have that worry... We can not even get the DVDs into the sleeves. Overall I like case logic but was really let down by this product. Maybe it is because it is in Arizona and the heat here tends to warp things if they are left outside for even a little bit. So I am guessing maybe it was left on a loading dock for a bit and the sleeves warped and that is now why it is impossible to get the dvds in without scratching them.

Phoenix, Arizona


Came back for more!


I've used this type of CD binder for about 6 years, and they don't show any wear so far. The binder comes with the CD holder pages, so you don't have to buy them separately. It zips up all the way around, so the CDs are kept neat and clean inside. It's a great way to store CDs, and with the clear sleeves, and separate pages, it's easy to organize them. The handle is handy to pull the binder off of the shelf. Since I have multiple binders, it would be useful to have a place to slide in a binder number. So far, I've been painting numbers on with white-out, but I think a number slot would be a lot easier.

Pacifica, CA


Excellent product.


This item will not only save space but in makes it easier to store, locate CDs, and arrange them by whatever criteria you desire. I highly recommend this for anyone who collects CDs.

Bronx, NY




I don't like the idea that I ordered the disk book and there were binders inside. I wanted the same item as before which I really love. I think that using the same code for a different item was misleading. Also the individual inserts are smaller.




We bought this DVD case to hold all of our extra DVDs that did not fit into our cabinet. It works great. It has plenty of room, it is sturdy. Now I can find whatever I am looking for.

Newport News, VA


I will buy more CD binders & if I need t


product arrived in timely fashion and in boxes that held up nicely in the mail.

san francisco


well made and easy to use.


I agree that the openings shud be on top rather than sideways, tho I will lay it flat on my shelves.

san jose


Does what I thought it would


I use it to store CDs for my hobby. It does exactly what you think it is supposed to do. The pages turn on binder rings. They need to be guided sometimes, or the pages stick to the rings, but otherwise, it is the most convenient way to store and organize my stuff.

Milwaukee, WI




Our office has been using these binders for years. They are the only ones we use because of their durability and overall aesthetic.



Cd/DVD binder


Was disappointed that the product was damaged

Pittsburgh PA



4.5 107