Case Logic SLR Sling



This tough and ready SLR sling was designed to keep pace with your approach to photography. Rugged styling with a professional grade interior and organization will take you anywhere the shots are waiting.



  • Compatible with most SLRs with a kit lens
  • Patent pending hammock system suspends your SLR above the bottom of case, providing superior impact protection
  • Large zippered compartment stores an additional lens or flash (dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" x 4.5")
  • Three zippered pockets store memory cards, cords, chargers and additional accessories
  • SLR camera sling wears like a backpack but allows for instant access to your SLR and accessories (simply swing around and you're ready to shoot)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with waist strap prevents the sling from jostling around during activity
  • Memory foam on interior helps protect your delicate LCD screen
  • Industrial strength hook-n-loop strap holds your tripod
Case Logic SLR Sling
  • Size  14.75 x 4.5 x 8.25 in
  • Fits devices  7.9 x 3.8 x 7.9 in
  • Weight  1.2 lb
  • Materials  Nylon
  • Warranty  25 years
  • Color  Black
  • Model number  3200950

Amazing Bag after 4 Years!


I have had this bag for four years and it's been a super performer. The bag is much more spacious than it looks. I can fit a small DSLR, iPad Mini, cables, wallet, phone and pens. It will barely fit a full-frame camera. While it has straps for a tripod, it gets a little uncomfortable when one is attached and may not stay in place well. Honestly, it should never have been included. Even without that feature, the bag does so much anyway. The tripod strap doesn't get in the way regardless. If anything, I would say remove the tripod strap. Any kind of photography requiring a tripod, you wouldn't use this type of camera bag. Some people would say "If you make it a little bigger..." But then you lose it's greatest asset: it's small size. A amateur bag that can do pro duties. Love this bag!

New York, NY


Not just for SLRs!


I have a super-zoom bridge, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-EZ62. I absolutely love it. I have a specifically designed case for it - great, but it only takes the camera and a couple of spare cards. I wanted a bag that would take camera and all the other things that I might want to hand on a half day ramble. A comfortable bag that wouldn't mean I had to take a pack off my back every time I wanted access to things. With a stabilising waist strap as well. There aren't too many bags fulfilling all these criteria on the market! Some are too fat. Some are too flimsy. Some are clearly not comfortable. So I was absolutely delighted when I came across this bag (came across! - I'd searched and searched!), and I ordered it from a well-known online supplier. I couldn't wait to test drive it, was delighted when it came the day before the earliest date forecast, especially as I had a walk planned for the next day - and I haven't been disappointed. With its wide shoulder strap it spreads the load beautifully. Get the straps sorted (and you need some patience and ingenuity the first time or two!) you have a stable and comfortable back pack. OK it's not quite as good as the very best two-shoulder-strap bags, but it's pretty good, and it's not going to have heavy loads. After a morning's walk I was well content. It's capacious but not too. Here's what I got into it (have fun organising your own things!): - larger main compartment: camera on the hammock, and underneath it a small pair of binoculars. Space still for a small wrap of sandwiches if wished; - other main compartment: 50 cl water bottle, 7-inch tablet if I'd wished (I didn't), more space for snack; - small side compartment: small smartphone (wouldn't take bigger than 4.5 inch one), comb; -and the little pockets for extra cards/battery are still available; - front very secure pocket under flap : purse/wallet; - strap pocket intended for lens cap (mine's attached): tissues and lip salve; - device intended for tripod: OS map and fleece/shirt. There remains just the question of what if it rains, already raised by others, for Case Logic to solve. I'll have to Heath Robinson it. Other than that I'm absolutely thrilled. Perhaps some manufacturer will now take the hint and make a sound, comfortable sling bag, with rain cover, specifically for light hiking use...

Somerset, UK


Bought for Camera Airline Carryon


I bought this case to carry my Canon EOS with a 10-22 mm wide angle lens attached, along with battery, memory card and charger on the plane for use on vacation. I haven't actually used it yet, but seems like it will fit the bill and make carrying and accessing the camera while on tour easier than other style carrying cases.



Wonder Sling


I just came back from 6 weeks trip to India. I have chosen the Case Logic sling bag to take with me among my 6 other bags. Turned out to be the best decision I've made. I couldn't imagine being without this bag now and forever. It's convenience and light. Even though it is a sling but it doesn't dig into my shoulder like my other more expensive shoulder bag. When I needed to put it away, all I have to do is swing it to my back and it became a very comfortable backpack. It is so easy and quick to get in to my A99 with a 24-70 Zeiss and other 85 ZA in the side compartment with extra batteries. I even hid my money on the bottom of the bag with a microfiber clothe over it and several time when I had to show the camera in some occasion, no one even have any clue. Aside from a couple improvements to this bag, I would recommend to everyone to try it out. It is by far the best field bag I have ever own. I'm planning to get another one for back up because I have put this bag to hell and back, in rain, cyclone, sandstorm and banging on rocks. I love it.

West Palm Beach, FL


Loved it until it rained


I loved this and took it on holiday with me. It rained big time....I do after all live in the UK...everything in the bag got soaked but I did save my camera by taking it out and putting in a plastic bag...devastated that this does not come with a rain cover as it is the best bag I have tried and suited my sex, my age, my aches and pains and my beginner status.... so still looking for a sling bag with cover as comfortable as this one

Newbury, Berkshire U.K.


SLR Sling


The medium SLR bag was far more usable. It holds more and has a waterproof bottom. Since this bag is equipped with an internal camera hammock you are ready maybe 3/10 of a second slower than the sling.

Beaumont, TX


The Sling bag SLRC205 is ...


The Sling bag SLRC205 is a wonderful product. Its rare that a product exceeds my expectation but this one did. Minimalistic yet perfect for my full size Alpha 850 with my CZ 24-70 (77mm) attached and a perfect fit for my Minolta 200mm lens in a separate pocket (and a bigger lens will fit). Plenty of pockets for my 'stuff' and I love how it just slides away. Five stars - no doubt.Best camera sling bag out there. I've checked.Thank you Case Logic for the surprise. Nice.



This is an excellent ...


This is an excellent sling bag for camera, slick modern design that distribute weight of your load and very ergonomic. You can pull out your DSLR camera without putting down you bag. One comment about lens compartment, I wish its more secure, it moves around. I bought lens case to keep it from tumbling around. Problem solve. I use this bag for travel & hiking. This is my first choice after researching comparable sling bag.

Seattle, WA


Perfect for a trip. Nice ...


Perfect for a trip. Nice size and format. Good material. Design could be better. The tripod support is not so useful, becouse may damage my camera.

Los Angeles, CA


I am very happy with this ...


I am very happy with this product, its sleek and sturdy..holds all the equipment that i need and very attractive and comfortable.

Conyers, GA



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