Saigon DSLR Hand Strap



DSLR hand strap adjusts for the perfect grip ensuring comfort and stability when snapping photos.



  • Designed to fit most DSLR cameras
  • Hand-strap screws directly into the base of your camera via the tripod mount
  • Provides extra security, stabilization, comfort and better handling to quickly and easily capture the shot
  • Padding and breathable air mesh provide maximum comfort
  • Adjustable strap provides the perfect fit for any hand size
  • Colorful patterns to add style and personality to your camera
Saigon DSLR Hand Strap
  • Size  2 x 0.2 x 5.5 in
  • Weight  0.12 lb
  • Materials  Polyester
  • Warranty  25 years
  • Color  Pattern