Mochila para ordenadores portátiles de 14"

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Diseñada teniendo en cuenta fundamentalmente la comodidad y funcionalidad, esta mochila hace gala de un estilo exclusivo adecuado tanto para el profesional dinámico como para el estudiante que regresa al colegio en otoño.

  • Un compartimento integrado para ordenadores portátiles con capacidad para portátiles con pantallas de hasta 14,1 pulgadas
  • También compatible con MacBooks de 13 y 15 pulgadas
  • El bolsillo frontal incluye un panel de organización que puede contener el teléfono móvil, el iPod y otros objetos esenciales dejando también mucho espacio para los cables de alimentación
  • Un bolsillo de seguridad con cremallera protege su pasaporte o billete de avión
  • Un bolsillo de fieltro resistente a los arañazos resulta ideal para las gafas de sol o los teléfonos móviles con pantalla táctil
  • El sistema de gestión de la correa mantiene el exceso de correa enrollado y seguro en su sitio para que no le moleste
  • Los bolsillos laterales con cremallera ofrecen un rápido acceso a pequeños cables, a las llaves o a un aperitivo
  • El acolchado de la parte frontal del paquete y las correas para hombro proporcionan mayor amortiguación
  • La malla de aire de las correas para hombro mantiene la comodidad y transpiración
  • Sin PVC: adquiera productos con la tranquilidad de saber que son respetuosos con el medioambiente
Mochila para ordenadores portátiles de 14"
  • Color  Black
  • Tamaño  43.9 x 16 x 34 cm
  • Guarda los dispositivos  36.3 x 4.3 x 25.1 cm
  • Volumen  12.69 L
  • Peso  0.45 kg
  • Materiales  Poliéster
  • Garantía  25 años
  • Número del modelo  3201265
  • Nombre del modelo  DLBP-114


Small and Compact


Recently bought this product and it is good. Fits all the stuff I need for work and even light travel (gone to my province). But unfortunately this is not waterproof/water-resistant, or at least it soaks slowly so it could protect my stuff inside from getting wet during rainy season. Overall, its a good product.

Cebu City, Philippines




I don't normally add reviews to products but I had to for this backpack! I have been using it for 4 years (most of my engineering undergrad) and now in grad school it's still my go to backpack. It fits my computer well and my binder. I would not recommend this backpack if you have to carry a ton of books or binders. But a few notebooks or a binder and a notebook is great. Like I said, I've used this backpack a ton without any special care to maintain it in good conditions and it still looks brand new. On a slightly rainy day it might get a little damp but the stuff inside never gets wet. However, if its a torrential downpour then yes, your stuff will get wet. I guess you can spray some water repellent spray on it but I have never done this. I've been commuting by bike for about 2 years and the only downfall I see is that if its too hot outside your back will get sweaty. I don't think this is a downfall of the backpack per say since its not a function listed but it would be nice to see some commuting backpacks with more wicking capabilities. Last thing, this bag holds a lot more than you would think and looks very compact and nice but don't expect to be able to fit too much bulky stuff.

Gainesville, FL


Great Backpack


This is a well made backpack that takes a lot of abuse, it looks small, but holds a lot. The strap management clips keep the straps out of the way so they don't drag everywhere.

Sacramento, CA


Great bag but need bottom cushion


This is my primary bag which I use to securely carry my Mac Book Pro to and from work. It's light,durable and very confortable. I would give it a five but i find the bottom padding was over looked. I have to be careful not to place the bag on the floor or hard surface when placing my laptop in vertically.

State College, Pa


Good design , disappoint material


The strap of my bag was broken in first 3 day, but my second(after claim) is perfect. There is no weather shield include.


Road Warrior Ware


Great bag. Works great for 13" Mac Air, iPad and the rest of my stuff. It would be perfect if it was (1) just a little smaller (designed to accommodate a 14" notebook) and (2) came with a single diagonal shoulder stap vs. the 2 strap backpack style. Overall, I'm quite pleased.

Santa Barbara


How can I wash it?


The backpack is great!

Iasi, Romania


DON'T GET THIS. Get the 16" model insted


Everything is good -- EXCEPT for the shoulder straps that are too stiff and wide, causing the weight to be on the edges of the shoulders. Made worse by the stiff straps which puts pressure on specific points on the shoulder. Get the 16" model instead. The shoulder straps are more properly designed there.

Sunnyvale, CA


Looks great, feels great. ...


Looks great, feels great. Quite durable material (so it seems, but I've only had it for about a month).I love all the different compartments and pockets. It is small though, just a warning. The website does a good job of telling you what you can and can't fit in there, and just know that that the backpack is true to the description.

Dover, NJ


This is a really sharp ...


This is a really sharp looking bag! With high quality construction. I like the low profile of this bag, I'm not afraid of wiping things off shelves when I turn around in a store aisle!

Castro Valley, CA


14" Laptop Backpack

4.6 25