Mochila para cámara SLR o computadora portátil



Una mochila para fotografía resistente y siempre lista diseñada para seguir el ritmo de tu estilo de fotografía, con estilo resistente e interior y organización de nivel profesional para una cámara DSLR, un dron y accesorios.



  • La mochila tiene espacio para guardar un cuerpo de cámara SLR con objetivo acoplado, un DJI Mavic Pro (o drones de hasta 320 mm x 270 mm x 140 mm) y diversos accesorios
  • El sistema de hamaca con patente pendiente suspende la SLR por sobre el fondo del estuche, lo que brinda una protección superior contra impactos
  • La base de espuma EVA resistente al agua soporta las inclemencias del clima y permite que la mochila se pare por sí sola
  • La espuma con memoria en el interior de la tapa de la mochila brinda protección a la delicada pantalla LCD
  • Los divisores ajustables crean un interior totalmente personalizable
  • Las divisores se retiran fácilmente para guardar artículos personales
  • Compartimento para computadora compatible con computadoras portátiles de 16 pulgadas y la MacBook Pro de 17 pulgadas (dimensiones: 15,4 x 10,4 x 1 pulgadas)
  • Cuatro bolsillos para accesorios permiten acceder rápidamente a las tarjetas de memoria y otros objetos pequeños
  • Las correas de gancho y bucle de resistencia industrial en el costado del bolso fijan el trípode
  • El innovador sistema de ajuste de las correas evita que estas se desordenen y cuelguen
  • La malla en el panel posterior brinda comodidad y respirabilidad
Mochila para cámara SLR o computadora portátil
  •   31.7 x 20.3 x 43.2 cm
  • Color  Black
  • Número del modelo  3200951



I was searching for a suitable backpack for my camera & this one was the best thing that I could ever is very comfortable & has lot of space and a very attractive appearance I love it too much



Great camera bag for a great price!


After looking around for some good camera backpacks, this one came out tops. Would highly recommend it.

Johannesburg, South Africa


great pro bag


great bag to protect your camera & lenes and 15'laptop. I'm a pro photographer don't pay 200.00 - 300.00 for a bag that does less, This is the best.

San Francisco Bay Area


Around the World and Back


I can't say enough good things about this bag. I've flown all over the globe in the last few years and it is still going strong. I wish Case Logic would introduce some new colors..

Fort Lauderdale Florida USA


The worst gift I've done


For me buying this backpack has been a TOTAL disappointment ... buy it as a gift for Christmas andWe just made a holiday trip to London and a day that rained was wet all I had inside

Madrid, Spain


At its best!


Just bought this backpack yesterday, finally! Now I can carry all my gears with extra room for more.

Manila, Philippines


3 times to India and back!


I bought this 4 years ago. I have traveled 3 times to India wearing this backpack. I wear it every waking moment while I'm there. (obvious reasons) As you can imagine it is HOT so wearing a BLACK backpack adds to the sticky, stinky, conditions. Having said that I never found this backpack to be uncomfortable or awkward to pack around. It has gone through a billion airports, stuffed in over head bins, buses, taxi's etc.. and you wouldn't know it by looking at it. Come to think of it- I have never wiped it down and I don't see the need to. It looks fantastic! Not a single tare. Every zipper and strap still works. I love having everything organized and easily accessible. The bright orange interior is still in great condition. If you plan on wearing this backpack for long periods of time it is comfortable. The only discomfort might come from the amount of gear you have packed inside.



Slr camera/laptop backpack


I have carried this everywhere with me since I got it. In my opinion, two thumbs way up. Very handy. Carries everything I need.



Perfect & Compact Camera backpack


I am using this backpack since last 4 years and it is still doing its job perfectly. I can carry my Nikon D-90, 18-115 Lens, 70-300 lens, SB-600 Flash, some other accessories & a Tripod. No complaints so far except one. I really want case logic to add a roller to this backpack. This addition would make this backpack a suitable companion for all camera lovers who feel reluctant to carry this all day on their shoulders. Mine started paining now. The day case logic add roller to this bag, I would be the first person to buy it.

New Jersey


better than it looks. and it looks great


I think it's a great camera bag.lots of storage space. very strong material. very comfortable to wear.price quality I think it's a good purchase.I still think it could be better.For example: a rain cover.extra belt between the straps at chest height.and protection against theft when ever you wear it on your back.




4.6 50