Bridas autoacoplables para cables



Las duraderas bridas autoacoplables de nailon sujetan cables, conectores o alambres de cualquier tipo.



  • Las duraderas bridas autoacoplables de nailon sujetan cables, conectores o alambres de cualquier tipo
  • Seis bridas para cables de 17,15 centímetros (6,75 pulgadas) de largo
  • Variedad de colores para identificarlos fácilmente
Bridas autoacoplables para cables
  • Tamaño  3.4 x 0.6 in
  • Peso  0.04 lb
  • Materiales  Especial
  • Garantía  25 años
  • Número del modelo  3200010

Great for organization of supplies


I picked up two packs of these so I could keep the cables in my bag organized without having to constantly re-bundle them every time I had to pull out just one cable for whatever I was working on, and I've been really happy with them. + They're color coded which I like because I'm picky, though for my uses all that does is let me match them to the cables I'm using. + They're just the right length. Short enough that you don't have to overwind them on a single cable six hojillion times, but long enough to offer a lot of flexibility for what you're binding. - I wouldn't mind a few brighter colors; the blue is pretty dark, and might as well be black instead of a bright laser or electric blue. A minor tiff but not worth being overly disappointed in. Overall they're exactly what I was looking for; thanks for making my Bag of Holding closer to a Handy Haversack, Case Logic!

San Diego, CA


Very useful for securing ...


Very useful for securing the cords that come with everything these days .

Santa Rosa, CA


I love this product. I ...


I love this product. I bought some a few years ago but couldn't find them in stores anymore. So glad you still carry them Useful for so many things.

Tustin, CA


Loved the length, long ...


Loved the length, long enough to be used in multiple situations (or can be cut shorter as needed).

Bisbee, AZ


I love the cable ties. ...


I love the cable ties. They help organize the mess behind my computer. They also keep my travel bag nice and tidy. We also use them on kitchen gadgets.

Frisco, TX


These are handy & easy to ...


These are handy & easy to use. The different colors help you ID which wires they're attached to if you need to unplug/plug something.

Mount Arlington, NJ


The cable ties look ...


The cable ties look classy enough that you can have them in plain view, not just tucked away behind a desk. My wife uses them on lamp and appliance cords. They are long enough to hold large rolls of cable together, and the Velcro allows you to tie and untie as much as your want.

Columbus, OH


I can answer the question ...


I can answer the question about durability though I've had the last order less than 6 months. This is due to the fact that my husband and I have come across some that we've had for so long that neither one of us remembers purchasing them. Following our move, in addition to setting up two offices and the media equipment, we had to tackle sorting and storing a lot of electronics my husband and I have collected over the years. Out of nowhere these Velcro cable ties kept popping up. How wonderful they were. Either one of us would dive on one when it popped up. They are so much better than the old zip ties. We tend to add or move stuff around a lot, and these suit that purpose well. I've seen, I hesitate to say similar, ties on-line for less. I've actually seen that product in a store. It's the difference between particle board and oak. These will likely last longer than I will.

Patterson, CA


To be honest I only ...


To be honest I only grabbed them to hit the $ minimum for free shipping, but one day I needed something to tidy up a camcorder USB cable. I usually use zip ties but this is something I use often so I wanted something I didn't have to cut off with scissors each time. Besides cable runs, this is a good solution for tidying coils of wire/cables that you use often.

Mooresville, IN


Very colorful and great ...


Very colorful and great to identify different wires in my home office.

Houston, TX


Case Logic Self Attaching Cable Ties

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