Bolso para cámara SLR mediana



Esta funda para SLR resistente y siempre lista se diseñó para seguir el ritmo de tu estilo de fotografía. El estilo resistente con interior y organización de nivel profesional te llevarán donde sea que las tomas estén.



  • Compatible con la mayoría de las SLR con un objetivo de zoom
  • El sistema de hamaca con patente pendiente suspende la SLR por sobre el fondo del estuche, lo que brinda una protección superior contra impactos
  • La espuma con memoria en el interior brinda protección a la delicada pantalla LCD
  • Los dos compartimentos grandes guardan objetivos y accesorios adicionales (dimensiones de los compartimentos: 6 x 4 x 3,5 pulgadas)
  • Los compartimentos con cremallera en la parte frontal y posterior del estuche guardan tarjetas de memoria, baterías, cables y otros accesorios pequeños
  • La base de espuma EVA a prueba de agua resiste las inclemencias del clima y permite que el estuche se pare por sí mismo
  • Correa acolchada desmontable para el hombro
Bolso para cámara SLR mediana
  • Tamaño  12 x 5 x 9.5 in
  • Para dispositivos de  7.1 x 4.7 x 6.7 in
  • Peso  0.99 lb
  • Materiales  Nylon
  • Garantía  25 años
  • Color  Black
  • Número del modelo  3200903

Easily Accessible and Very Handy


This camera bag is awesome. It's a nice size and I love how it has two designated lens compartments on the sides. It is so much easier to switch between a lens with them. The hard bottom prevents it from falling over when its sitting on the ground. I wish there were a few more pockets to stick a phone in but I'm not sure where you could really put it. Overall, its a really good camera bag.

Alexandria, VA


Extremely disappointed


I watched videos promoting this bag and it seemed to be just what I was looking for. However, I was extremely disappointed when I used it. This bag and the telephoto bag are far too short to suspend my camera safely. There is no room for the neck strap. The side pockets aren't big enough to hold extra lens. Whatever goes in the side pockets bulges into the main compartment and presses on the camera. I do like the idea of the hammock suspension. The waterproof bottom is also good - but it doesn't really matter how good that is if your camera and gear are being squeezed so badly that you have to pry them out of the bag..





This camera case is the best! I own a Sony a65 (great camera), and I'm not trying to knock the Sony bag, I bought with it. . . but the Case Logic bag is so much better. Water-proof bottom, zippered storage for extra lens, SD cards, and my money. The Hammock Suspension System, cradles your camera, with the lens attached; like a baby. If you buy any camera bag, make sure it is the Case-Logic, simply the BEST!



SLR Medium Camera Bag


This is not your master camera bag but for normal every day use and vacations. It is very well made and it holds my 35mm prime lens plus my 18-300 mm zoom lens. The master bag is to much to haul on trips. This bag is just right for your trips.

Beaumont, Tx


Perfect fit for Cannon ...


Perfect fit for Cannon Rebel & extra lens. Could use 1 more pocket.

Springfield, IL


Got it for my wife as she ...


Got it for my wife as she got herself a new Nikon D3100 with a new lens. Everything fits great with room to spair.

Dothan, AL


I wanted a camera case ...


I wanted a camera case that would be big enough for my SLR camera, a separate lens, some filters, and other small gadgets. I could use a couple more pockets than this case has, but I don't know where they would put them and still maintain the compact size. Its padded, appears to be capable of receiving and relishing in rough treatment. It's soft, has no sharp corners to damage other bags or equipment and I think it was a good buy.

Lower Burrell, PA


I love the hard bottom ...


I love the hard bottom because it protects the camera from drops or falls has plenty of storage space

Frankford, DE


Nice protection in the ...


Nice protection in the sling for the camera body & lens. Good rigid bottom for sitting upright. Padding is adequate.

Evansville, IN


Excellent product. It ...


Excellent product. It holds both a zoom lens and a standard lens. Very quick shipment.

Fresno, CA



4.7 27