Zaino per laptop da 17,3"

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Zaino per laptop da 17,3"
Black |

Questo zaino è la soluzione ideale per il professionista casual alle prese con cappelliere strapiene, continue corse in taxi e occasionali giri turistici, che cerca un'alternativa alla solita ventiquattrore. L'ampio spazio disponibile, la grande capienza per i dispositivi elettronici e le esclusive tasche per gli accessori sono nascosti da una struttura sottile e affusolata e da un elegante design tono su tono.

  • Ampio spazio per riporre dispositivi elettronici dotato di tasche integrate per ospitare sia un laptop da 17,3" che un iPad/tablet (con o senza custodia)
  • Materiali impermeabili e resistenti per la protezione dello zaino dal logorio quotidiano
  • Corpo sottile e affusolato con impugnature superiori e inferiori progettato per essere riposto facilmente all'interno di cappelliere e piccoli spazi
  • Tasca foderata con accesso dall'alto per evitare danni e graffi a occhiali da sole o smartphone
  • Scompartimento intermedio con ampio spazio adatto a un cambio di abiti e sottile tasca dimensionata per raccoglitori, documenti o riviste
  • Scomparto anteriore dotato di taschini adatti a biglietti da visita, penne, un iPod, uno smartphone e USB
  • Spessa imbottitura in gommapiuma che copre i punti di pressione sulle scapole e nella regione lombare per garantire un comfort ottimale
  • Imbottitura ad altezza lombare con tasca incorporata per piccoli oggetti di valore
  • Innovativo sistema per la gestione delle cinghie riavvolgibili in modo sicuro e senza ingombri
  • La struttura robusta della cinghia con cuciture rinforzate e il tessuto a rete traspirante garantiscono sicurezza e comfort
Zaino per laptop da 17,3"
  • Colore  Black
  • Dimensioni  50 x 23.6 x 37.1 cm
  • Adatto ai dispositivi  41.6 x 4.6 x 11.8 in cm
  • Volume  30 L
  • Peso  0.93 kg
  • Materiali  Nylon
  • Garanzia  25 anni
  • Numero modello  3201536
  • Nome modello  RBP-217


Awesome product!


Really nice product, protects my notebook good. It has been broken once (notebook case), so the protection isn't "very good".

Geldrop, The Netherlands


Great Design, Poor Stitching


Great Product, Design, Lots of Space, Functional But poor quality on stitching, I have 3+ tears already within 6 months



Best backpack I've ever owned


I have a rather large laptop, and don't always travel light. Other backpacks ended up looking awkward and bulky when I put all my stuff in them, plus when they were completely filled the weight placed on my shoulders was intense and could even cause back pain. This backpack gives me none of those problems. It looks sleek and slim whether empty or full, fits well, distributes weight evenly, and has pockets in all the right places. I could not have designed a better backpack myself, and I cannot imagine ever using a different one again.

San Francisco


My new favorite


Before my recent trip to Germany,I searched for a backpack which can carry my laptop, tablet, extra clothes, and other gadgets. I own a Samsonite which i found too small for my trip, and a THULE backpack which i found too stiff and quite difficult to zip/unzip (it is not that difficult, but it would require both of my hands when zipping and unzipping). After checking this bag out, i instantly saw how perfect it is for my purpose. Zippers are easy to slide which is perfect when getting stuffs while on the go. There is a lot of useful pockets, placed in easy to access areas. And it looks pretty good whether it is fully loaded or even with just my laptop inside. The materials used looks sturdy enough and this takes away any worries that my bag wont endure travel tortures - although i havent really put this bag to test yet. The bag is also very light allowing me to really put a lot in it before reaching luggage limit. And one of the best things about this bag is that it is not priced as expensive as the other brands. Right now, this is my new favorite backpack and i think this is going to be for a long time.

Manila, Philippines


Best travelling bag



colombo,sri lanka


Best Travel System I've Owned!


I'm in the Navy and travel a lot. I have to be efficient with my space but I also need to have my toys when I need them. This back pack holds a lot in a small comfortable to wear package. The sunglasses and pass port pockets are really convenient. With laptop, tablet and lots of mesh pockets...I have found my perfect backpack.





17" backpack with lots of pockets and well-designed layout. Expandable and good quality material. Not too heavy and I like the secret pocket for personal stuff at the back...very important when you are traveling.



17.3" Laptop Backpack

4.3 7