Case Logic iPad® mini Journal Folio

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Case Logic iPad® mini Journal Folio


  • iPad® mini、iPad® mini Retinaディスプレイモデルにぴったりフィットする、超スリムなジャーナルフォリオ
  • さまざまな角度に調整して反射を最小限に抑え、どんな状態でも快適な閲覧と作業を実現
  • 開閉するだけでウェイク/スリープが働く、便利なマグネットフラップ
  • 手元にスタイラスペンを保持するスタイラスホルダーを内蔵
  • ケースを装着したままでボタンやコネクターをすべて使用できる開口部
  • 使わないときはストラップで確実にカバーを閉じ、タブレットをしっかり保護
Case Logic iPad® mini Journal Folio
  •   Brown/Morel
  • サイズ  14.2 x 2 x 20.3 cm
  • 対応デバイス  13.5 x 0.8 x 19.8 cm
  • 対応ハードウェア  iPad® mini, iPad® mini 2
  • 重量  0.19 kg
  • 素材  Polyurethane
  • 保証  25年
  • モデル番号  3201667
  • モデル名  IFOL-308


It is missing some functionality


The iPad does not slip all the way into the sleeve like it is supposed to. I continually have to push in the iPad (from left to right in portrait mode) to make it snug. Otherwise the left border of the screen is uncomfortable to use. When i close the cover it only locks the screen sometimes; usually unsuccessful after i attempt using it in the typing or keyboard-mode. The folio does not like to stay in the keyboard setting, it resists staying there, if that makes any sense... The cover stays deformed for a few hours after changing positions unless you flatten it out after every time you change the viewing position, unless of course you use the strap every time to close it, but using the strap every time i want to open and close the iPad during lectures is a little inconvenient. I own at least 5 Case Logic products right now, not to mention how many i've owned in the past, this product does not measure up to their reputation.

Southern California


iPad® mini Journal Folio

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