Наплечная сумка для ноутбука 17"

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Функциональность, ориентированная на запросы профессионалов, и надежные материалы с привлекательным дизайном защищают ваш ноутбук и позволяют удобно разместить все необходимые рабочие принадлежности.

  • Удобный доступ к уплотненному отделению для верхней загрузки ноутбука 17"
  • Просторный карман на внутренней стороне крышки для хранения документов, адаптера питания или других крупных аксессуаров
  • Карманы для небольших аксессуаров (мыши, iPod, мобильного телефона и ручек) в защищенном от повреждений отделении с застежкой-молнией на передней панели
  • Встроенный кармашек для USB-накопителя
  • Регулируемый плечевой ремень и ручка для удобства транспортировки
  • Петля на задней панели для крепления к чемодану на колесиках и удобной транспортировки
Наплечная сумка для ноутбука 17"
  • Цвет  Black
  • Размер  42.9 x 11.9 x 34.5 cm
  • Подходит для устройств  40.9 x 4.6 x 31 cm
  • Объем  16.61 L
  • Вес  0.39 kg
  • Материалы  Нейлон
  • Гарантия  25 лет
  • Номер модели  3201167
  • Название модели  PNM-217


I love this bag. The only ...


I love this bag. The only suggestions that I have regarding the bag are that if the base of the bag was slightly wider than the top the bag would work a bit better in that something like a powersupply dropped into the front pocket would not reduce the available room in the main file pocket and it would be nice if the pen pockets were about 1/2" lower in relation to the zipper which closes the pocket, allowing a bit more room for click-type pens. Other than that I love the thing!

Los Angeles, CA


For the price, this is ...


For the price, this is definitely one of the better products on the market. I looked around for several other laptop bags and found that most of them were around $100-$125. This one was just what I was looking for at a much more reasonable price.

Streamwood, IL


Wonderful, as always, ...


Wonderful, as always, great quality - a few more organizational pockets, etc. would be welcome.

Rowlett, TX


My freshman in college ...


My freshman in college son picked this item out after shopping in the malls for a messenger bag. He loves it~

Kent, WA


I bought this bag for my ...


I bought this bag for my college student son who has a mac book pro 15 inch computer that he will be using for the next four years of school. We both thought that it looked great for a graphic design student and not to breif case like!

Old Saybrook, CT


this bag was grat I've ...


this bag was grat I've had it for a year and it is light and compact it fits 15 inch quite comfotably and i don't know if it fits a 17" laptop but it fits mine this laptop case has a nicely padded spot for the laptop i use it every day and it hasn't ripped or anything it is realy nice design the only bad thing is about it is that if you are realy tall the bags strap is short compared to others but it would fit anyone under 6 6 so overall this bag is great




4.8 6