Kontrast 数码单反相机肩背包

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带有招牌 DuraBase 保护装置的新颖设计,让您在任何场所都可轻松地携带数码单反相机和配件。

  • 适合存放大多数附带变焦镜头的数码单反相机、2 到 4 个额外镜头及配件
  • 抗水的 DuraBase 为您提供彻底的保护和稳定性
  • 创新的悬挂系统可将相机机身挂起,提供了超级的抗冲击保护
  • 通过使用带衬垫的可调节分隔夹层将配件隔开,以保护相机
  • 位于顶部的外翻式开口让您可以快速拿放数码单反相机
  • 盖口袋方便快速取用存储卡、滤光器或其他小型配件
  • 外部拉链式隔层可存放小型配件
  • 带衬垫的可拆卸肩带和顶部把手提供轻松、舒适的携带体验
  • 主隔层的双拉链设计旨在便于添加行李锁,提供额外的安全保护
  • 衬里醒目显眼,便于您快速找到配件
Kontrast 数码单反相机肩背包
  • 颜色  Black
  • 尺寸  27 x 20 x 26 cm
  • 适用设备  22 x 14 x 20 cm
  • 重量  0.71 kg
  • 材料  伸缩尼龙
  • 保修  25年
  • 型号编码  3202928
  • 型号名称  KDM-102


Excellent bag...


I have the bag and after using it, wished I would have opted for the backpack for more room. No complaints on the bag itself..



Just what I was looking for.


This is a great bag it's large enough to hold my Nikon D5500 with a battery grip attached in Case Logic camera sling. I also have space to carry a couple of extra lens, battery charger, memory, cleaning equipment, and other essentials. The shoulder strap is padded and comfortable, the bag is well constructed and padded to protect your equipment. This must be a good bag because it was hard to find in stock, but it was well worth the wait. If your are looking for a single camera that fits most or all of your needs, this is the one.

North Carolina


Kontrast DSLR Shoulder Bag

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