DSLR 轻巧型双肩背包

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DSLR 轻巧型双肩背包
Black |

轻巧型双肩背包舒适、轻型的构造可容纳 DSLR 相机、2 个相机配件、iPad® 和一些个人物品。

  • 具有双拉链和保护翻盖的独特折叠式相机存储空间,适合快速取放相机器材
  • 可容纳微型 DSLR 相机外加 2 个配件
  • 背板上的带内衬的专用 iPad 隔层能够方便从侧面快速取用
  • 上面的隔层存放外套、太阳镜或零食等个人物品
  • 带拉链的侧袋可收纳备用电池、缆线、镜头盖或小配件
  • 带有内衬的网状背板和肩带提供了舒适性和透气性
  • 轻巧耐用的材料可保护并支撑您的设备,同时不会增添不必要的重量和体积
DSLR 轻巧型双肩背包
  • 颜色  Black
  • 尺寸  23.1 x 16 x 38.1 cm
  • 适用设备  19.1 x 13 x 19.1 cm
  • 重量  0.51 kg
  • 材料  提花尼龙
  • 保修  25年
  • 型号编码  3201946
  • 型号名称  TBC-411


Flimsy protective materials and slightly too small for DSLR


Really wanted to like it. Lightweight and compact size though main camera pocket could be improved to make use of wasted space so telephoto lens could fit. Side pockets very basic. Comfortable while wearing unlike other ones I've tried. Has a lot of potential but materials don't make me feel confident that it would protect well unless I was just going on a leisurely walk and took my time removing it from the bag. Wish it was made like the DCB 309. Also wish Case Logic and other companies would branch out from the color black.

Elk River, MN


Handy and safe: perfect backpack


Small, compact, handy but also solid and safe enough for a reflex; the best feature is the front "swivel" opening that delete the common problem of using a backpack for reflex: with this fantatic front opening you are no more supposed to stop, open the backpack from the top, put a full arm into the space and grip the cam. Now you slide the zip, let the pocket fall back and you can take in a while the cam. Perfect.

Naples, Italy


I liked the bag but it was slightly too small.


The baglooked great, good color and design. I fit a NikonD3200and 2 lenses in the camera compartment. On the top compartment I fit a light sweater and flash. Buy it isn't big enough for the trip I'm going on in may. It fit my main gear but no extra room for anything else and was a tight fit for my gear. I liked the amount of padding for the bag on the back and shoulder straps.

Madera, Ca

Perfect camera case


It was perfect to carry my camera in to go places. I love the back pocket to hold my phone and wallet. Extra storage space on top and two side pockets as well. Also very lightweight.



DSLR Compact Backpack

4.3 4