Luminosity 中号 DSLR + iPad® 背包

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Luminosity 中号 DSLR + iPad® 背包
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Luminosity——亮度指标。这款线条流畅的运动风多功能相机背包必将点亮您的装扮。这款轻便设计配有柔软衬垫、透气肩带和腰部固定带,可调节贴合度,营造了最佳舒适体验。无声蛇形分隔系统提供了可定制的单手解决方案,用于摆放、存取您的 DSLR 相机、3-6 个额外镜头或闪光灯及配件。背板可完全打开,变身为理想的工作台,顶部的拉链夹层便于您在包已拉好拉链准备出发时快速取放相机。

  • 可调节存储壁、分隔层和安全固定带专用于放置 DSLR 相机、3-6 个额外镜头或闪光灯及配件
  • 正在申请专利的独特蛇形分隔系统使您可以单手调节镜头存放空间 - 只需滑动易操作的背板即可腾出更大空间,或将隔层盘绕于物品周围以实现 360 度保护
  • 背板接近存储区域,可保障物品安全并可以变身成为理想的工作台
  • 内部收纳板包括用于收纳内存卡和滤光器的弹性口袋,一个用于收纳清洁工具包、电池或其他配件的拉链式防水隔袋,以及 iPad® 专用存储空间
  • 前盖拉链设计便于快速取放相机,而内部的网状口袋便于快速存放镜头盖和清洁布
  • 大容量前置收纳袋可以安全存放钱包、手机和所有非相机物品
  • 带加厚衬垫的网状肩垫和背板透气、舒适,可优化携带体验
  • 紧密贴合身体的带衬垫腰带以及可调节的胸部固定带可分散重物重量,最大限度提升舒适度
  • 坚固的顶部和底部提手便于轻松举起和装卸物品
  • 侧袋可让您方便取用水瓶
  • 可调节的侧面固定带可以系上单脚架或三脚架,而氯磺化聚乙烯橡胶材料则可防滑
  • 可拆卸的防风防雨罩可使保护套免受恶劣天气影响 - 防雨罩可存放于专用隔袋内、也可用胶带固定于相机包上,或者将其完全拆卸进行晾干或清洁
  • 随附镜头布
Luminosity 中号 DSLR + iPad® 背包
  • 颜色  Black
  • 尺寸  26.5 x 23 x 43.5 cm
  • 适用设备  23 x 12 x 43 cm
  • 重量  1 kg
  • 材料  尼龙
  • 保修  25年
  • 型号编码  3201699
  • 型号名称  DSB-101


Great Features, Bad build


when I first bought this bag I thought it was a breakthrough for me. It was comfortable and had some amazing features that made life easier for me. As time went on and I grew accustomed to the bag I started to notice some shortcomings. It can hold my DSLR and its 4 lenses but not much else for the lenses. If i want to pack my lenses with their Hoods its just not happening. I cannot have a grip on my DSLR. I cannot have a tripod mount on my 70-300mm lens and store it attached to my camera. and finally after a month of real use the shoulder strap is losing its stitching. This bag is great for a day trip but more than that and you run the risk of it breaking and it just can't hold what i consider some basic gear. I like my lens hoods to be with me and I want quick access to my zoom lens with its support. it does me no good to have to rifle through the bag and get everything put together when speed is key.

New York


Ok for short trips and for a smaller camera.Not very durable


The bag is rather small. Canon Mark3 with EF 24-70 F2.8 is a challenge to remove from the top. It will not fit with hood on the lens at all. The strep that holds the tripod at the bottom of the bag brock off on first trip. The front pocket (in spite of all the pockets) cannot hold much. Even with a single battery charger in the pocket it is bulking on the outside, so the pockets on the outside are useless. Overall - would work for a smaller camera.



Luminosity Medium DSLR + iPad® Backpack

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