Quick Grip™

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Quick Grip™
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Quick Grip™ 数码单反相机挂带是一款简单的解决方案,可帮助您享受更加愉快的拍摄过程。它可以轻松固定到相机的三脚架螺孔,并针对手的大小进行调节,以提高拍摄时的稳定性、安全性和舒适性。

  • 设计为适合大部分 DSLR 相机
  • 手帯可通过三角架接口直接拧入相机的底部
  • 提供了额外的安全性、稳定性、舒适度和更好的操作性,以快速轻松地抓拍
  • 带内衬并且透气的太空网提供了最大的舒适
  • 可调整的绑带完全适合任何大小的手
Quick Grip™
  • 颜色  Black
  • 尺寸  5.1 x 0.5 x 14 cm
  • 重量  0.30 kg
  • 材料  尼龙
  • 型号编码  3201648
  • 型号名称  DHS-101


Great Strap doesn't work with tripod plates


I like using a wrist strap and this strap is very secure and doesn't block the battery door or prevent me from flipping up the LCD screen on my camera. It doesn't allow me to attach a tripod plate and the strap must be removed to attach the camera to a tripod. This is inconvenient and strap often flaps in the wind when the camera is attached to a tripod. A hole for mounting a tripod plate would greatly improve this wrist strap.

Nova Scotia


Great alternative to the neck strap


if you do not like the neck strap this is perfect.

Houston, TX


Nice Hand Strap


I like the idea of holding a camera without a neck/shoulder strap, and this product is great for that! However, I don't like the fact that the camera cannot sit flat any longer, because the screw for the bottom part of the strap uses the tripod screw on the bottom of the camera - and there's no other place to fasten it, obviously. SO my "Con" really does not reflect on this particular product but on ALL handstraps. I guess it's a tradeoff - do you want the convenience of holding your camera with a handstrap, or do you need to sit the camera flat?

Juno Beach, FL


Quick Gripâ„¢ DSLR Hand Strap

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