Reflexion DSLR + iPad® 小号斜挎包

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Reflexion DSLR + iPad® 小号斜挎包

一款内涵丰富的相机包——快来捕捉这个镜头!这款前卫的信使包堪称典型相机包款,带可调节存储壁的衬垫分隔系统提供周全保护,亦可轻松变身为颇具现代感的休闲包款。丰富多彩的时尚细节和多功能口袋与收纳系统让您在外出过程中时时保持潮人风范,还能将物品整理得井井有条。信使包配有具保护作用的暗袋,供您存放平板电脑,而可拆卸相机分隔系统则可用于存放 DSLR 相机、额外镜头、闪光灯或配件。

  • 带可调节存储壁和把手的可拆式顶部分隔层专用于放置 DSLR 相机、1 个额外镜头、闪光灯或配件
  • 可收纳 iPad® 的一体式存储袋
  • DSLR 包可轻松变身为日常休闲信使包 - 只需拆除夹层即可获得更大空间来放置放书籍、耳机和其他日常用品
  • 超大拉链和丝口型开口便于快捷地取放相机或平板电脑,而且开放式构造为您提供了理想的工作台
  • 内部拉链式有盖口袋便于存放小件贵重物品
  • 时尚的外形、颇具现代感的杂色材质、雅致孔眼以及定制的子母扣,打造了一款新潮的全能包
  • 不对称拉链口袋便于存放和取用手机、镜头盖等最常用物品
  • 正面拉链收纳袋配有易扣翻盖,可以安全存放钱包、护照和配件
  • 正面翻盖上易于握住的指环便于收紧包口,而不必压实包和包里的物件
  • 底部结实、防滑,可以保持背包在车内或壁架上的稳定性,并且在脏、湿表面也能有效保护背包
  • 网状侧袋可收纳水壶、雨伞或需要快速取放的其他物品
  • 可调节肩带配备带软垫的超大防滑肩垫
Reflexion DSLR + iPad® 小号斜挎包
  • 颜色  Gray
  • 尺寸  31 x 11 x 27.5 cm
  • 适用设备  20 x 9 x 17 cm
  • 重量  0.83 kg
  • 材料  伸缩尼龙
  • 保修  25年
  • 型号编码  3201693
  • 型号名称  FLXM-101


Almost (see cons) perfect bag.


Great day to day use bag, with great design and construction, but should have a detachable shoulder strap (with metal clips) e should have weather cover incorporated. Maybe a detachable waistbelt is also a good idea... If these 3 sugestions were implemented and the tag price was not so high, i would have considered a no brainer and one of the best ever messenger bags out there. If you can buy it in a promotion, i would recommend it as is...

Lisbon, Portugal


best buy


quality design , nice and big enough for 5d MKIII with Battery grip and 24-104L and flash. each recommendation



Great bag and photo bag


Great messenger bag for photo travel or just for travel. It is well built, strong, quick access to your gear. Your photo gear is well protected and it has many of useable compartments for your stuff, like wallet, keys, phone, notebook, etc. It has everything you need, just pick the right size!

Zagreb, Croatia


Terrible Zipper


I was so excited about this bag, but the second day I used it (I used it one day right after I got it), the fabric on the side of the zipper wore through due to poor design, and the zipper stopped working. Unfortunately, it was just over 60 days from when I had purchased it. What a disappointment.

Seattle, WA


Reflexion DSLR + iPad® Small Cross-body Bag

3.8 4