Berkeley 加大号双肩背包

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Berkeley 加大号双肩背包
Grey |

无论您在教室、办公室、健身房、约会地点或者穿梭于这些地点之间,该多功能背包总能满足您的需求。专门设计的隔袋可容纳 15.6 寸笔记本电脑,套袋则可放置平板电脑,额外存储空间方便放置所有配件,帮助您轻松携带电子产品。超大拉链开口方便放置书籍、文件或衣物,腰部面板上的隐藏式口袋可安全存放小件贵重物品。这款背包有多色可选,设计时尚,能满足您的一切需求。

  • 15.6 英寸笔记本电脑专用隔层和平板电脑专用套袋
  • 腰部面板上的隐藏式安全口袋具有透气网状衬垫,可保护小件贵重物品
  • 不对称电子产品分类收纳夹层可整齐存放各种尺寸的电子产品、学习或办公用品,宽大的笔袋可放置钢笔、萤光笔和铅笔
  • 主隔层里的手提箱式开口醒目显眼,收取物品都非常方便
  • 铰接式肩带可灵活移动,适应不同体型
  • 超大拉链方便取放物品,宽大的开口便于额外添加行李锁以提高安全性
  • 可拆卸、可调节的胸部固定带在携带重物时可提供额外支撑
  • 网状侧袋便于存放水瓶,方便取用
  • 顶部和底部提手便于装入日常存储物和舱顶行李箱
  • 耐用聚酯材料可适应不断更改的旅行安排,清新的色彩为这款多功能背包增添了时尚气息
Berkeley 加大号双肩背包
  • 颜色  Gray
  • 尺寸  36 x 31 x 46 cm
  • 适用设备  25 x 3.5 x 38.6 cm
  • 容量  27 L
  • 重量  0.88 kg
  • 材料  伸缩尼龙
  • 保修  25年
  • 型号编码  3201719
  • 型号名称  BPCA-115


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This backpack is exactly what I needed to take my school supplies on the go. I LOVE that I can easily fit not only my computer but ALL of my school books and supplies. When I go on vacation, I will be able to carry-on all of my stuff because I don't need to use my laptop as a "carry-on" piece. Best bang for your buck!

Owatonna, MN


This Backpack Rocks! Teriffic quality!


This backpack will be a great addition to airline carry-on luggage as stowing things in overhead compartments has gotten MUCH more difficult lately. It won't be long before the airlines charge for that as well. There's enough room in this backpack for an emergency set of clothes (in case a checked bag gets lost), snacks for a long flight, and, of course, an iPad, iPod, noise-cancelling headphones, book, etc. I have several Case Logic products and all have been excellent -- well-made, durable, attractive and lightweight.

Pacifica, CA


Berkeley Plus Backpack

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