Case Logic

Our story

It’s our goal to bring you smart solutions that simplify your life — wherever it may take you.

Our history

In 1984, the Case Logic brand was born. The early products were designed for one simple reason: to easily transport your belongings effortlessly and stylishly. Case Logic gave you the freedom to bring your music, camera, and other electronic equipment with you in a safe and organized way.

While technology, travel, and work life have changed, the design philosophy behind every Case Logic product remains the same – Life Simplified.
Sketch book with Case Logic design sketches of a bag.

Our design philosophy

The Case Logic design philosophy is simple: create a balance of style, organization, and performance that makes life on the go easier and more accessible.

Any company can make a nice-looking backpack, bag, or tablet case. Ensuring it can keep up the rigors of everyday life is something different. That is why we think through each detail to ensure every element is designed with a purpose to keep life simplified.

Research is a critical part of our design process at Case Logic. The research begins long before our products hit the market, from observing global travel and commuting habits to studying upcoming color and pattern trends. These insights ensure we create products that fit your busy lifestyle – and look good too!

Once we have a concept, the product is rigorously tested. Our world-class test center is the size of 5 tennis courts with 50 employees. There we conduct various tests to check our products' durability, fit, and performance to ensure they will last the test of time.
Sketches on paper of Case Logic bags with arrows and notes.
While it can take up to two years to design and develop a product that meets our standards, we believe quality trumps speed. For us, the most important thing is to ensure the long life cycle of every single product.

At Case Logic, we aim to contribute to a greener world by ensuring sustainability and ethical conduct are always a top priority. In 2018, we set new sustainability targets following the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We strive for transparency within our manufacturing process so consumers can feel confident that our products are safe, sustainable, and ethically sourced.

There is a lot that goes into the design and development of Case Logic. While we produce a variety of products, backpacks, tablet cases, laptop sleeves and camera bags, the design philosophy remains the same – life simplified.

Explore activities

Three women chat around a table with laptops and a pink Case Logic laptop sleeve sits on the table.

Work, simplified

Success in the workplace is about brilliant minds coming together and creating things that would be impossible to achieve alone.
A students sits at a desk with her laptop, a small robot, and a Case Logic backpack.

Study, simplified

Everyone learns in their own way, but all students need to find the right balance between schoolwork, friends, and family.
Man checks phone carrying a Case Logic Advantage backpack while waiting for a train,

Commuting, simplified

Whether you drive, carpool, or take the subway – every minute counts on your commute.