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Work, simplified

Success in the workplace is about brilliant minds coming together and creating things that would be impossible to achieve alone.
Three women chat around a table with laptops and a pink Case Logic laptop sleeve sits on the table.
A man sits on a bench outside using his laptop with a Case Logic laptop briefcase beside him.

The daily grind is no joke...

...but with some industrial-strength coffee and a speedy internet connection, there is nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it.

Success at work is about overcoming challenges, reaching milestones and achieving things that would have been impossible to do alone.

But it’s about the people too. The people you spend lunch with, the birthdays celebrated, each and every colleague that has helped you get where you are today.

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A students sits at a desk with her laptop, a small robot, and a Case Logic backpack.

Study, simplified

Everyone learns in their own way, but all students need to find the right balance between schoolwork, friends, and family.
A woman stands in an abandoned industrial area with a green jacket and a brown Case Logic backpack.

Dance, simplified

Dance is your craft and you work long hours perfecting every move.
A woman sits on some steps with headphones, a laptop, and a Case Logic laptop backpack by her side.

Music, simplified

Whether you’re touring, producing, or jamming in your basement – your music has the power to move people.
A man takes a photo of a white building with modern architecture, he is holding a Case Logic camera bag.

Photography, simplified

You spend your life chasing the perfect shot, no matter where it takes you.
A man in the dark playing a computer game with his back to the camera.

Gaming, simplified

Razor-sharp focus and total immersion in the game – that’s what it takes to be the best.