Case Logic LAPS

A collection of traditional sleeves complete with protective foam padding and sophisticated, stylish details.
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Other collections

Case Logic Invigo bags collection.

Case Logic Invigo

Functional and sophisticated bags made from recycled fabrics, trims, and packaging – friendly for the workplace and the environment.
Case Logic Reflect collection.

Case Logic Reflect

Quality laptop sleeves constructed with memory foam to provide top-of-class protection in a slim design.
Case Logic Ibira collection.

Case Logic Ibira

A protective laptop sleeve collection with correlating textures and playful color accents to provide a stylish edge.
Case Logic Advantage collection.

Case Logic Advantage

Professional attachés and briefcases designed with laptop protection and smart organization for everyday essentials.
Case Logic Bryker camera bags collection.

Case Logic Bryker

A modern collection of drone and camera bags that easily transport your photography equipment and other gear.
Case Logic Back to Campus backpack collection.

Back to campus

The Case Logic campus collection includes stylish, functional laptop backpacks for college. They come in a wide range of colors and designs for every personality.
Case Logic Huxton laptop sleeves and bags collection.

Case Logic Huxton

A collection of professional laptop sleeves, laptop bags and attachés with contemporary design and relevant features that are perfect for work or school.