Compacte systeem/hybride cameratas

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Deze cameratas heeft levendige groene accenten en is geschikt voor de meeste compactcamera's, hybride en digitale superzoomcamera's. U kunt hem meedragen aan een handige riemlus of afneembaar koord. In de opbergruimte passen uw kabels en accessoires.

  • Deze cameratas is geschikt voor de meeste compactcamera's, hybride camera's en superzoomcamera's.
  • De kwaliteit van het materiaal in combinatie met de logische structuur zorgen ervoor dat uw Camera veilig opgeborgen zit, en toch nog snel toegankelijk blijft
  • Een flexibel tussenschot in de cameratas scheidt de accessoires van de camera en biedt extra bescherming als de camera in de tas zit
  • In de zijvakken met ritssluiting passen een extra voeding, kabels, lensdop of kleine accessoires
  • Binnenvak, voorzien van rits, biedt ruimte aan geheugenkaarten
  • Het aparte binnenvak van de cameratas scheidt uw accessoires van de camera
  • Geïntegreerde riemlus, versterkte handvatten en afneembare schouderriem bieden diverse draagmogelijkheden
Compacte systeem/hybride cameratas
  • Kleur  Gray
  • Afmeting  19 x 12.1 x 17.8 cm
  • Past precies om apparaten heen  14.7 x 7.6 x 11.7 cm
  • Gewicht  0.23 kg
  • Materialen  Polyester
  • Garantie  25 jaar
  • Modelnummer  3201685
  • Naam model  DCB-314


Best lightweight case for the Panasonic FZ300


Having tested dozens of bags for the FZ300 (with hood either inserted or removed) I found that most bags in the market are either too large (the camera moves inside) or too small (very tight fit or no fit at all). This bag can hold the camera even with the hood inserted, provided it is stored with the lens pointing downwards and the eyepiece against the longer bag side. I have also removed the yellow inside separator and used it for further protection in the inside botton of the bag.

Lucca, Italy


Very well made


Very good price. Good quality

Wellington, ohio


Not enough padding


Too small, not enough padding, I returned the item.

North Bay, CA


Perfect case


This was an ideal case used during a busy vacation that included a lot of travel. The case is easily accessible.

Pittsburgh, PA


Does the job nicely


This case is well made and is perfect for storing my camera.



Excellent Product


Very tough fabric. Good stitching. Zippers work very well. I use it to carry my camera and all of it's extra equipment. Convenient to have it all in one package. Was an excellent purchase.

Cleveland, Ohio




Great Colors Holds all your cards, lenses, extra batteries, cleaning supplies, and camera! I have an Olympus TG-1 with two accessory lenses, extra battery, cards, cleaning stuff, and could hold more if I wanted. Great space with out being too bulky. Super high quality. Would be tough enough to hold up to most outdoor activities. Love the bright colors inside and out! Shipped quick and had no problems!

Denver, CO


Compact System/Hybrid Camera Case

4.3 7