Case Logic Slim iPad® 3 Folio

Case Logic Slim iPad® 3 Folio

This ultra-fitted folio accessorizes your newest iPad with subtle elements of design and exciting colors. Whether you need to jot down a quick note or want to sit back and watch a movie, we cover every angle.

  • Professional-styled folio with precise fit for the new iPad and iPad 2
  • Soft, scratch-resistant material lines the inside cover to protect your screen while closed
  • Compressed design on the exterior of the sleeve adds a hint of style and texture
  • Multiple viewing angles to minimize glare and view or work comfortably
  • Integrated magnet closure to automatically put iPad into sleep mode
Case Logic Slim iPad® 3 Folio
  • Color  Pink
  • Size  19.1 x 1.8 x 24.6 cm
  • Fits devices  18.5 x 1 x 24.1 cm
  • Weight  0.25 kg
  • Materials  Polycarbonate
  • Warranty  25 years
  • Model number  3201538
  • Model name  IFOL-301