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Commuting, simplified

Whether you drive, carpool, or take the subway – every minute counts on your commute.
Man checks phone carrying a Case Logic Advantage backpack while waiting for a train,
A woman rushes to take a tram while holding a Case Logic laptop sleeve.

Every minute counts on your commute

With everyday on the same route, you have your commute down to a T. You know exactly which side of the subway is going to open to let you out, or which time in the morning you need to not get stuck in traffic.

Almost every day is identical, so much so that each commute is barely distinguishable from one another.

But it just takes an unexpected conversation with a stranger, or your favorite song coming on the car radio to help you start the day off with a smile.

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Three women chat around a table with laptops and a pink Case Logic laptop sleeve sits on the table.

Work, simplified

Success in the workplace is about brilliant minds coming together and creating things that would be impossible to achieve alone.
A students sits at a desk with her laptop, a small robot, and a Case Logic backpack.

Study, simplified

Everyone learns in their own way, but all students need to find the right balance between schoolwork, friends, and family.