LoDo 单肩包

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Dress Blue
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LoDo 单肩包
Dress Blue |


  • 带加厚衬垫的笔记本电脑隔层适于存放 15 英寸 MacBook Pro® 或显示屏最大为 14 英寸的笔记本电脑
  • 针对 iPad® 或 10.1 英寸平板电脑的保护性存储装备
  • 独特的大开口可方便拿取和查看设备
  • 高质量棉帆布外表
  • 包有皮革的把手和拉链头
  • 带有磁性扣钮的外部配件袋可方便拿取
  • 可以自如调整的可脱卸肩带
  • 两个用于存放水壶的内袋在不用的时候可收起,从而提供更多的通用存放空间
  • 两个外部水壶袋
LoDo 单肩包
  • 颜色  Blue
  • 尺寸  44 x 21 x 28 cm
  • 适用设备  35.9 x 3 x 24.7 cm
  • 容量  19 L
  • 重量  0.83 kg
  • 材料  棉帆布
  • 保修  25年
  • 型号编码  3203178
  • 型号名称  LODB-115


Case outshines the others


This case was bought for my XPS 13 i7. USB ports are limited in fact all ports are limited. I got a case from another company,sounded good looked good and would hold all of my accessories. Not the case here. I have bought from Case Logic in the past but was trying to save a few bucks I should know better, I have three other cases not Case Logic that were replaced with units we have here. I carry 13" laptop,two USB hubs,Slim cd/DVD blue ray R/W, RJ45 w/3' cable. spare battery pack, two chargers,1 BT speaker,7" tablet,cell phone, and all paper work w/warranties for it all. And there is room for more. So why buy a case that says it will work but wont deliver,,and now just takes up space. Go with Case Logic

Monroe Township,NJ


LoDo Satchel

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